Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lady Thunder rolls again

It's about time that I wrote something about how Lady Thunder is doing. Fact is, I picked her up from the shop nearly as good as new on April 5. Well, I guess I'm the only one who is noticing the lime dust that is still stuck in various crevasses, of well, everywhere on the bike. She rides great. She has the right tank now.

Of course, nearly as soon as I had her back, I had to hop on a plane. I've been on the road nearly three weeks straight now. First hop was to San Francisco for the RSA Conference. I had a little speaking bit on Monday, then cruised the floor on Tuesday morning, a meeting in the afternoon, then flights to LAX then on to Sydney (International Standards work). Nine nights later, I began to unwind the trip... SYD/LAX/SFO/LAX/AUS. Don't ask.

Monday this week was laundry and get-as-much-junk-mail-shredded-as-possible day, then on the plane to Columbus, OH for the National Standards meetings today and tomorrow. I'm going to hang with my brother tomorrow night - Ohio is where I grew up, and then fly home to Austin tomorrow night.

(* deep breath *)

But then I can ride my bike on Saturday - maybe. A little.

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