Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Shape of Time

Originally drafted October 7, 2010, well over a year ago. I finally got around to posting this. heh.


So much in my life has changed during my separation, divorce and now after with respect to my "time". That's probably the single biggest adjustment I've needed to deal with beyond the obvious ones. I'm still dealing with it to some degree.

I work as a contractor, generally alone. I carry my office on my back. I can work, or sit around and be distracted, anywhere. After basically four+ years of working solo in an office or at home, I both love and hate, embrace and fear, this working alone thing. It's not a terribly big secret that one of my main clients is pulling back support this month. Hello now Fiscal Year, goodbye budget. I've been interviewing for two very different full-time jobs; one in my industry, one still tech, but more mainstream than smart cards. Neither of those seem to be in a terrible hurry to sign me on. So of course, I'm looking like crazy to fill consulting hours.  That's going even more slowly.

All the while, specifically since about May, I've been trying to figure out not only what the next step in my career would/could/should look like, but where I want to be spending time and effort in my personal life. I have a few ideas there, which actually after the past three years is a relief. I'm almost ready to "feel" again.

So, a confession, this blog post was conceived to go in a completely different direction but it's a rush job because I'm procrastinating on some work. heh. Yeah.