Monday, April 28, 2008

Befriending Passion

What's your passion? Right now, mine is riding on the back of Lady Thunder. Anywhere. At any time. It's just my thing.

What if your passion was a little more defining? What if you had a talent for it and you felt it in your blood. You found others who believed in your capabilities and passion (sorry, overused word), and they've invested in you. But like any passion, there's a certain amount of blood, sweat, and tears, oh, and MONEY, that you need to put in to make it go.

Consider our dear friend Erica Ortiz, known by her handle @HorsepowerHeels on Twitter. She's proven that she can drive in a straight line at 200mph or better in her very own drag racer. Check her out over at Horsepower and Heels.

Back in November, her car was coming together for the 2008 season (it's 2008 now, people), or was it? Things didn't quite line up, literally. Since then, Erica has been scraping together support a five-spot at a time.

Her dream is to race Top Fuel. Those are the long, skinny, land rockets that blast down the track at over 300mph. Did you catch ESPN2 today? Yeah, those cars. She can get there, IF... IF... IF!!!! she can get her current car on the track and meet her sponsor commitments this race year. Realistically, she's up against it. What she needs is about $5k to get the car in running order. ASAP. Now. Today.

In my opinion, it's time for her friends to really stand up and help. You don't have to break your bank. Sheesh - just throw a few latte's at her (figuratively, of course), or skip that trip to the spa this month (week?).

So pppppplease, drop by her website and hit the tip jar, as it were, and let's watch her Tweet her way around the circuit this Summer and Fall.

C'mon, help this Lady make her dreams. It's going to be a blast to watch her go. You KNOW she'll Tweet it. :)

-- Mike

P.S. Erica has shared her widget with me, and I've attached it to my blog (>>> over there). Please do help!


  1. Glad to seeing you blogging about this, Mike. Shoot, I'm just glad to see you blogging in general. And Erica's cause is one I have supported as well -- with a few lattes, as you put it. I'm not in the $$ leagues that get those regular trips to the spa. :-)

    I'm going to send your post some Twitter love and see if we can't drum up some more support for our friend.

  2. I have no clue about cars and racing...but I do understand dreams and passion.

    Count me in! One of the many great things about Twitter, friends helping friends and even friends of friends.

    @karasoluri sent me :o)

  3. This is the best part of social media. I saw @conniereece's tweet and wanted to help. I am always happy to help someone reach their dreams. Thanks for blogging about it!


  4. Thanks, you great Tweeple! I'm checking with Erica on some of the machanics behind the donation engine. Some have asked about the "shipping and handling charge". I truly don't know - I just linked to her ChipIn widget. Yup, we want Erica to get as much of the dough as possible, but I do expect some fee for the ChipIn peeps to keep their lights on. $4.50 seems a bit stiff. Developing...

  5. Hi Mike, I added a request for donations to my blog post for tomorrow (May 9th) which is scheduled to go live at 6:30 AM EST. Please keep me posted with updates via your comment box (I'm subscribed) or on Twitter( Thanks!