Monday, December 10, 2007

Oh the grief I'll catch for this one

Hi Kids,

So I woke up on Saturday thinking "I really need to get these Holiday Love Christmas cards written for @dayngr and in to the mail ASAP." Trouble is, I hadn't started, never really got things going in the office, and I was seeing on Twitter where @MailOurMilitary was seeming to be needing cards, and badly.

Surely, my kids and I would be able to do a few cards and those are special in their own way, but c'mon, Mike, we're talking about red-blooded American Boys driving Humvees through neighborhoods where snipers and IMDs are lurking. Guys stuck in barracks working guard duty, ships at sea and planes flying high above. They would surely enjoy a nice wholesome pic of some girls next door enjoying a fine Austin afternoon!

They needed some Hooter girls love. What finer stocking stuffer than a Christmas card for their barracks or wherever they call home while serving our country.

A huge thanks to Jessica, Tatyana, Hannah, Sarah D., Bobbie, Annette, and the rest of the girls of Hooters Lakeline in Austin, TX. (And oh yeah, the manager, Danny. :) )

Although the "Holiday Love" campaign has closed for this year, you can still lend an Utter to the troops thanks to eMailOurMilitary and Utterz collaboration.

All for now. And yes, I seriously did this for The Troops. I know it's a nice bike and all, but sheesh I would never have the cajones to just walk in to Hooters and ask for these pics for my own nefarious purposes.

Hope you're enjoying this Holiday Season and have the opportunity to share time with your loved ones, near or far.

-- Mike

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