Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Surely Incomplete List

Today is #blogathonATX, and in honor of this auspicious event created by @IleenieWeenie and hosted by the pioneering folks at @Conjunctured in the "Vortex of Awesome" (Austin, TX), I figured that it's about time that I make a list of some of the things that have floated through my head about potential blog posts that have clearly never made it to press. Here we go, largely unfiltered:
  • God matters
  • Politics matter
  • Love can be hard sometimes. Love needs to be hard sometimes.
  • You're not all that, you're just loud
  • The Emo Gal
  • The Emo Guy
  • (repeat last two with "insecure" in place of "Emo")
  • (redacted)
  • It's not about you, it's not about me, it's about us (Texas, America, World)
  • Entropy Is
  • I completely disagree with you and think your point is full of crapola, but I love how we debate because neither of us uses "crapola" in the debate.
  • Texas is just, different, and here's why
  • I'm a Mac AND a PC
  • I love my daughter
  • I love my son
  • I love my family (I'm talking about YOU, Ohio Neumanns)
  • Ohio
  • Virginia
  • Texas
  • Why I say "I'm a spy"
Ok, you get the picture. Just start writing, Mike.


  1. Yes, start writing! Because you piqued my interest with that list.

  2. close your eyes and run your finger down the list. where it stops, you write, lol

  3. •You're not all that, you're just loud

    Yesterday... big time.

    (Welcome back)

  4. Being a Buckeye, I'd love to read any posts you put up on Ohio. :) 73 Mike.

    -KD8NJZ, Craig