Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No really, I need to post and I know it

I had a really great "tweetup", (or "dentup", if you're an identi.ca convert like @marinamartin) last night with @dacort and @marinamartin at the Tap House Grill here in Bellevue, WA, where I am this week for some meetings hosted by Microsoft.

One of the topics that came up was something along the lines of "I haven't blogged in so long, but I have all of these things that I've wanted to blog". Well, keeping in mind that one of the people at the table is in fact @marinamartin, you'd expect that she has a list for that sort of thing, and if memory serves me correctly, she confessed to not only having a list of such things, but notes on what she would write on if said posting opportunity/motivation/priority were to materialize.

As for me, the list is in my head along with all of the other dust bunnies that accumulate there. I think the list changes, and I do recall saying to @dacort and @marinamartin that what I REALLY wanted to blog about was my long ride I took on the bike a few weeks back. I'm somewhat hopelessly in love when it comes to my bike.

And just now on Twitter, @megfowler comes to the rescue with her own post on the matter of blogging, frequency, depth, and randomness. It's a good read, which is par for course on her blog. Oh, and the Heart bit, Meg, I'm right there, too. My previous blog post pretty much establishes where I am right now. Definitively? No. But hey, like you say, "It's JUST a blog post." :)

(* See Mike! There, you wrote a blog post while the rest of your colleagues are swatting e-mail for 10 minutes. Just do it. *)

I did.

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  1. Here's my solution - SOUP it! I swear it's fast and painless. Oh _lord_ so much easier than blogging.

    But Mike - we always love to hear from you, no matter how infrequently. Ya know that, right?